Kathie’s Kookies is a program of LINCS that not only raises money but benefits the youth in many ways. They are taught the importance of food safety and working for the things they want; more money to have fun and beneficial activities. Plus they earn volunteer hours that can be included on their resume.

The program began in 2010 with a group of adult and youth volunteers baking cookies and selling them to the public. Since LINCS did not have its own kitchen, they were granted use of the Barrel 18 facility, located on highway 18, starting in September of 2013. However it lacked a sufficient oven for the cookie business. Luckily, two donors gave $1500 each for the purchase of a new oven for LINCS, and it was brought to Barrel 18. This served as a meeting place to bake for a couple of years until the drive and time commitment saw a dwindling in volunteer participation.

It was around this time that a coffee shop in Sheridan became available, complete with its own kitchen and the oven could be moved from Barrel 18.  LINCS was able to purchase the shop and named it Bridge Street Coffee House, doubling as yet another program that could benefit youth. Being closer to home the were yet again able to help and learn.

Kathie’s Kookies come in a variety of flavors. They are available for purchase at the coffee shop (as well as the Linfield College Library in McMinville and the McMinville Hospital). You may also make a custom order for a birthday party, special event, or to fund raise for your cause. Fund raising orders will be able to purchase the cookies at cost and keep their profits. You can visit our contact us page to order.